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Copy of Hair Quiz: Find Your Perfect Trial Kits

Not sure where to start? Don't worry - we totally get it! We have a bunch of products to choose from, which although is great because we cater to so many different hair types, it can definitely be overwhelming. 

We made the below hair quiz to get to know your hair needs a bit better and the result will be some recommended trial kits that we think you'll really love. Each trial kit contains sample sizes (4oz) of three different products so you can truly test out what works best for you and your curls! Curly hair is definitely not "one size fits all" so we hope this helps point you in the right direction. Trial Kits are the perfect way of testing a variety of products without the commitment of buying the full sizes.

And remember, we're just a message away! Feel free to start a chat (click or tap on the chat button at the bottom of your screen) and reach out if you have any other questions :)

Quiz: Find Your Perfect Trial Kit
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