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About Our Collections

We get asked this a lot...

What is the difference between your product collections?

Our Coconut Is Everything collection was our very first collection and has something for everyone, but most products within this collection would be considered more "lightweight". Our Butter'd Up collection was our second collection and was made specifically for thicker curls, coils and kinks in mind. Our last collection was made specifically for the gentlemen. The For Men collection has products specifically for beards and a more subtle scent profile for the included hair products. Generally speaking all of the collections can be mixed and matched to find your perfect regime!

 Coconut Is Everything
  • All of products are formulated around Coconut Oil
  • The entire collection is Shea Butter/Oil free
  • Most products contain protein
  • There are products for all curl types within this collection,
    but some might be considered more "lightweight" compared
    to the Butter'd Up collection
Butter'd Up
  • All of the products are formulated around Shea Butter/Oil
  • The entire collection is Coconut Oil free
  • The entire collection is protein free
  • Most of this collection is better suited to thicker curls,
    coils and kinks and they are more "heavy duty" and
    rich in formula
For Men
  • Most of the products are formulated around Apricot Oil
  • Although guys are welcome to use products in any of the
    other collections, we wanted to change the scents up to
    appeal to a more "masculine" profile