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Wavy Hair

A mix of products suited to all types of wavy hair. From cleansers, to conditioners, to treatments and stylers - we've got something you'll love!

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Butter Whipped Clay MasqueButter Whipped Clay Masque
Butter Whipped Clay Masque Sale priceFrom $15.00 USD
Coconut Clarifying Cleanser
Coconut Clarifying Cleanser RefillCoconut Clarifying Cleanser Refill
Coconut COLLECTION Trial Set
Coconut Cream ConditionerCoconut Cream Conditioner
Coconut Cream Conditioner Sale priceFrom $12.00 USD
Coconut Cream Conditioner RefillCoconut Cream Conditioner Refill
Coconut Deep Conditioner TreatmentCoconut Deep Conditioner Treatment
Coconut Deep Conditioner Treatment Sale priceFrom $15.00 USD
Coconut Jelly (Soft Hold)Coconut Jelly (Soft Hold)
Coconut Jelly (Soft Hold) Sale priceFrom $12.00 USD
Coconut Milk Leave-In ConditionerCoconut Milk Leave-In Conditioner
Coconut Milk Leave-In Conditioner Sale priceFrom $12.00 USD
Coconut Milk Leave-in Conditioner Refill
Coconut Styler Trial Set
Coconut Styler Trial Set Sale price$19.00 USD
Coconut Wash Day Bundle
Coconut Wash Day Bundle Sale price$52.00 USD
Coconut Wash Day DELUXE Bundle
Coconut Wash Day Trial Set
Coconut Wash Day Trial Set Sale price$19.00 USD
Coconut Water RefresherCoconut Water Refresher
Coconut Water Refresher Sale priceFrom $12.00 USD
CurlShoppe Gift Card
CurlShoppe Gift Card Sale priceFrom $18.62 USD
FOR MEN Moisture Milk Leave-In Conditioner
Microfibre Towel WrapMicrofibre Towel Wrap
Microfibre Towel Wrap Sale price$19.00 USD
Sold outSilk BonnetSilk Bonnet
Silk Bonnet Sale price$53.00 USD
Wide Tooth Comb
Wide Tooth Comb Sale price$3.00 USD