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Great value for money

Great value for money, and a great way to test out the different products that CurlShoppe offers!
I loved the shampoo balm, the masque, and the strong hold gel the most in this bundle and would recommend someone new to CurlShoppe ordering this bundle.

Love it

I love the brush. It works great in my kids hair especially my oldest who have thick curly hair. Definitely recommend this brush

It works

The reason why I gave it a 4 is because it gets the work done like any other wide teeth comb. There’s really nothing special about it.

Love it

I bought the products for my daughters hair and all i can say is that I absolutely love it. Love the ingredients that’s in there, the smell and how thick and rich some of the products feel. Can’t wait to try the coconut products:)

Butter Styling Gel (Max Hold)

Must have!

Absolutely amazing on my 3B curls! My hair can’t live without it!

Coconut Cream Soufflé
Francine King

Coconut Cream Soufflé

Butter Cream Conditioner
Sarhiya Francis
Extreme amount of slip

This product is incredibly hydrating. Before, after shampooing, my hair would feel clean but excessively dry, prone to tangles and breakage. Ever since I switched to this, those issues have significantly decreased. Its rich formula offers alot of slip, allowing me to generously apply it throughout my hair, where I can then begin the detangling process post-cleansing without causing any damage.

Silk Bonnet
Deena Pagliarello
Beautifully made!

Received my bonnet and scrunchie and I love them! The bonnet is a great size for my hair and it’s so beautifully made. I love the colour of the scrunchie too!


These have helped SAVE my curls for atleast 1-2 days after washing it. I either do a pineapple loose bun on the top of my head or a low pony tail and these scrunchies really do help my frizz

Silk Bonnet
D Rose
I like this silk bonnet!!

I like this silk bonnet like it has an elastic at the back that you can tie. It has been keeping my hair soft a big difference from the other so called silk head wraps I have used in the past.

Best hair gel Ive ever used, no jokes. Makes great slick looks and perfect curls, no flakes. It looks light at first but once it dries it is powerful!! Im in awe of the quality of all the butter line products, outstanding value for money. Long live your brand!!

Such a great product!! Had not found a perfect conditioner like this one in years. Slips right through my & my daughter’s tight curls leaving them bouncy and hydrated. So impressed!

It made my hsir stiff, not soft, and nit hydrated.

I really expected this product to make my hair soft, but quite honestly, it gave no benefit to it, and just made it stiff and dried out. There were no instructions, so I dont kniw if I was putting too much on.

Hi Carol, Thanks for your honest feedback. All of our products have instructions included on the label as well as on the product page! We are also always available to help via email or social media if you have any specific questions :) The Coconut Milk Leave-in Conditioner, should be applied to clean, damp (or wet) hair for best results. As for the amount to use, everyone's needs are different but we usually recommend starting with a loonie size amount per section (if divided into 4 sections) and adding more as needed.

With that being said, our leave-in conditioners should absolutely not be leaving your hair feeling 'dried out' after use so we would love to troubleshoot with you if you would like to reach out to us.

Perfect curls every morning 🙌

Love my bonnet so much, it’s super soft and stays on all night. My hair is perfectly protected, zero frizz or crushed curls when I take it off in the morning

Not the product for me

They made my hair dry and hard, not for me

Hi Sharon, Thanks for your honest feedback! The included Butter Cream Conditioner should absolutely not be leaving your hair feeling dry after use and should always be used after the Butter Shampoo Balm to avoid your hair being dry. We would love to help you troubleshoot to see what might have gone wrong. Feel free to reach out to us at or via any social media app you prefer! :)

Soft and shiny hair at a good deal

I loved being able to try these products at a reasonable deal. My damaged high porosity hair really loved this combo + the curl shoppe butter oil in the L.O.C method. I’ll definitely be buying the bigger set!

Coconut Clarifying Cleanser
Bobette Crittenden

From time to time, it’s nice to know I can use ‘Coconut Clarifying Cleanser’ to do a deep down wash without any unnecessary worry.

Never held hair
Made hair frizzy

Hi Lydia, sorry to hear that the products included didn't provide a strong enough hold for your curls! The Coconut Jelly included is our softest hold gel for those with very fine and low porosity needs. If this doesn't sound like your curl type, we actually think the Butter Styler Trial Set would have been a better pick for you! It includes our medium hold and max hold gel :)

Light weight but great hold

Having been a mousse+curl cream user for years, I never thought of using a gel. Initially purchased at Winners, I thought, why not try..
I no longer use the mousse now, I get great results using this gel on my curls. I first apply my curl cream, brush thru and scrunch in this gel. I purchased for my friend as well who uses it on its own, she's very pleased with the results
Great for refreshing your curls too. Mix with a bit of water and scrunch thru. I was happy to find out that, not only that I can purchase thru their website but, it’s also it's a Canadian product!

It smells nice, but I don’t get any hold at all. My hair likes gels that are very jelly-like in texture. I find that this gel is more liquid in texture.

Hi Megan, thanks for your honest feedback! The gel should definitely provide hold so we would love to help trouble shoot with you. Feel free to reach out to us at support @ curlshoppe . ca or via any social media app that you prefer :)

Smell, no crunch, doesn’t weigh hair down

I do love the hold and this product but I find there is a white flaky residue that’s in the product and I see it on my hands before I even put it in my hair. Other then they great product

Coconut cream conditioner

Love it. Perfect weight for my fine curls. The refill option is a great way to go green

Scalp has never felt so good

Absolutely love this product, really cleans my hair without making it feel brittle. In combo with the deep conditioner it’s absolute perfection. Added bonus is the heavenly smell!!

Smells great, and super thick and creamy.

I will purchase again! And it's so easy to detangle 4b/4c hair. I rinse out, follow up with the leave in conditioner, and apply the max hold gel for my wash n' go. Also, I love that this is a black owned company, I will continue to support. Thank you for your services.