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Our Brand

Rowan McAnoy is the owner of CurlShoppe, a small business based out of Toronto, Canada that is focused on solving the unique hair care needs of curly hair of all types. 

Beautiful curly hair requires special attention that many people find difficult to manage, so CurlShoppe’s goal is to help make it easy to love, care for, and embrace your natural curl pattern by providing the products and knowledge that help maintain a healthy moisturized bounce! As no two curls are the same, CurlShoppe strives to make sure it offers something for everyone regardless of their curl type or texture.

In 2016, CurlShoppe released its first collection of products, “Coconut Is Everything.” Since then, two more successful collections have been added, “Butter’d Up” and “For Men”, with more on the way! 

The company’s success and hands-on leadership in the expanding market of natural hair care have been featured in magazines such as Elle Canada, Fashion, Flare, Hello! Canada, and Refinery 29. In 2021, CurlShoppe was a proud grand prize winner of The Visa Grant Program, an award that supports and encourages the growth of women-owned businesses in Canada. That led to a feature on Global TV’s The Morning Show. 

CurlShoppe started as a small business that made batches of products sold mostly to friends and over the years has grown into a successful company with employees who help ship to around the world. Thanks to loyal clients who are as dedicated as the team are to keep up a tried and true hair care routine, the products have expanded into professional hair salons, beauty supply stores and can also currently be found on the shelves of Winners and Marshalls as part of a partnership with TJX.

When it comes to hair, instead of hair-length, health and self-love are the main focus at CurlShoppe. The health of hair helps it look good, and feel good. Those positive feelings of self-love reflect on you as a person. The team understands how long it can take to maintain and grow out curly hair and has been there along the way for clients who’ve done The Big Chop, freeing themselves from chemically suppressed curls. Hair does not define you, but it is a big part of how you present yourself, and CurlShoppe wants people to feel like their curls are their crown!

Ultimately, the goal is to help people young, old, and from all walks of life embrace their unique hair. CurlShoppe wants to help them feel proud to be different. No two curls are alike and if you have curly hair, you know that each strand has a mind of its own!

Why Buy from Us?

Let's face it; you don't know us, we haven't gone out on a date yet, we get it. But don't let that get in the way of a beautiful relationship ahead of us. Here's some reasons why you should buy from us:

We're Canadian

Born out of Toronto, Canada, CurlShoppe is Canadian (probably just like you). We buy most of our supplies in Canada and manufacture in Canada. We ship primarily with Canada Post, so you can trust the reliability in our shipping (to read more about our shipping policies, click here).

We're Curly

What’s better than buying curly hair products from people who are actually in the natural hair community? All products were formulated in-house by a founding partner and perfected through trial and error by testing them ourselves and within our network of family & friends. Learn from the trials, errors and triumphs of our curls!

We're Chatty

At CurlShoppe we are not kidding when we say, “We love any and all feedback or questions you might have.” You can always contact us! Hit us up on Facebook, slide in our DMs on Instagram, write us an email or give us a call if you’d like to hear our voices. Either way, our customers are our priority and we'd love to get in touch!


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