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Article: No More Itchy or Dry Scalp with Oil Treatments

No More Itchy or Dry Scalp with Oil Treatments

No More Itchy or Dry Scalp with Oil Treatments

No more itchy or dry scalp, especially for the winter! Most curly girls will struggle with dry scalp and hair in the winter time and it is no fun. We're going to share a couple tricks to do during the winter time to save your scalp and thus help your hair growth!

Watch this video on how to use our Butter Oil Blend with these methods:

Pre-Shampoo Scalp Oil Treatment

Use an Oil blend (like our Butter Oil Blend) on your scalp before you start your wash day! You'll need an in-shower detangling brush so that you can exfoliate your scalp and lift some of the dead cells off. Sounds kinda nasty but your scalp will feel all brand new! 

  1. Part your hair in 2 sections (down the middle) *With each section..
  2. Take your oil blend and using the nozzle applicator tip, apply it directly onto the scalp 
  3. Use your finger tips to gently massage it in so that you can feel your scalp is saturated 
  4. Take your detangling brush and gently massage your scalp in circles (be especially gentle by your hair line)


(Hot) Oil Treatment

Although not necessary, you can actually heat up the oil blend (pour it into a bowl and microwave) and apply it hot! Just be careful with how hot you make it because you don't want it to sizzle or be too hot for your scalp/hair. Take some oil blend in your hands and add throughout the rest of your hair. Add a shower cap and wrap a towel (or hair towel) on your head to trap in the heat. Sitting like this for 20mins or so will help it seep into your scalp.

  1. Optional: Warm up the oil in the microwave (30sec intervals) and test on the back of your hand first to make sure it's not too hot
  2. Ensure your strands are covered with oil
  3. Twist the sections up and use a clip to secure it
  4. Throw on a shower cap and wrap your hair in a towel to further trap in the heat

Shampoo Twice and Condition

The reason why we use the oil blend BEFORE you shampoo is because the oil can add build-up to your scalp and that's a no-no when we're trying to ensure your scalp is clean. So to offset the oil and make sure that all the dead cells we exfoliated are removed from our hair, we're going to shampoo twice. Once with a clarifying shampoo like our Coconut Hydrating Cleanser (if your scalp is really bad then maybe use dandruff shampoo like Head&Shoulders), and once more using the same shampoo or a moisturizing shampoo. Follow-up by using a conditioner or a deep conditioner if you're treating yourself (good to use a deep conditioner 1x a month).

Check out our youtube video so you can follow along and help your scalp from being itchy and dry this winter! 

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