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Article: How a Clean Scalp Helps Hair Growth - Cleansing 101

How a Clean Scalp Helps Hair Growth - Cleansing 101

How a Clean Scalp Helps Hair Growth - Cleansing 101


There is a big curly hair debate whether or not you should shampoo or simply co-wash (the act of "washing" your hair with a conditioner and not a shampoo). However, if you want a clean scalp and help your hair grow without buildup blocking the hair follicles, you need to use a shampoo.

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Although shampooing is good, too much of a good thing isn't good. With curly hair, regardless if you're using a shampoo with moisturizing and hydrating properties, like our Coconut Hydrating Cleanser, it is still meant to cleanse the scalp. Therefore, when trying to remove any buildup, you may be removing some of your scalp's natural oils as well. 

RECOMMENDATION = Shampoo 1-2x each week

Natural oil (sebum) from your scalp is necessary to keep your scalp, and hair, from being dry. With straight hair, sebum can run down the hair strands easily thus making the hair look "greasy" the longer it takes between shampooing. With curly hair, it is quite the opposite. Due to the curl pattern, sebum takes longer to reach down the strands thus making the hair look drier the longer it takes between shampooing.


Imagine your scalp is a garden (stay with me here). What does a plant need to grow? Sun + Water; those are just the basics of it. I'm going to focus on water though with this one. If a plant does not get water, the soil will begin to dry out and eventually the plant will dry out as well.

Just like the soil for a growing plant, your scalp also needs water and moisture in order to continue to grow your hair. If your scalp is dry then your hair will not thrive because there is no moisture for the hair follicles. Remember: April Showers Bring May Flowers (yup, I know you heard that before in grade school!).
healthy hair growth needs water like plant


Conditioning is a very important step in a curly hair regime. When you shampoo your hair, you are stripping away the natural oils. So in order to replenish the moisture in the you would use a conditioner to help smooth and detangle the hair. Have you ever tried detangling WITHOUT a conditioner? I thought not..

If you want smooth, shiny hair = use a conditioner!


Co-washing your hair is great for in between clarifying shampoos to restore moisture to your strands and to avoid over stripping your hair. Although co-washing won't cleanse your scalp, it will help remove loose debris and dirt which may help with an itchy scalp. If you sweat a lot, ie. go to the gym frequently, then a co-wash would be a great alternative to shampoo in the middle of the week.

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 Why shop the Coconut Hydrating Cleanser? SULFATE-FREE, yet gentle enough to not strip ALL of the natural oils from your curls. Use 1-2x a week for best results. Why shop the Coconut Cream Conditioner? Conditioner is a must after using a shampoo in order to add moisture back into the hair.

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