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Article: Top 5 Accessories for the Travelling Curly Girl

Top 5 Accessories for the Travelling Curly Girl

Top 5 Accessories for the Travelling Curly Girl

CurlShoppe Blog - Travelling With Curly Hair

So you’re about to go on a trip. Lucky you.
You’re packing your suitcase, and it hits you.

Rock climbing in the Alps. Scuba diving in the clear, blue waters with turtles. Zip-lining in the jungle.

OK, not that serious, but… Curly Hair is a full-time job, trust us. You need to plan for your hair on your trip because you need to look amazing for all those pictures you’ll be taking.

So here’s the top 5 accessories you need for curly hair when travelling:



At some point you’ll most likely be swimming or so hot, your hair will get wet and you’ll need to wash your hair. Yes, you have your fingers to detangle but a wide-tooth comb may help you out a little more. Not only for detangling, but a wide-tooth comb can help you part your hair for certain styles and even help you fluff your hair (if the “teeth” are long enough, like a pick).



Because we know you’re so adventurous, you’re gonna want your hair out of your face. Use your scrunchie in the day to keep your hair up, or if you rather sport your Wash 'N Go, then use your scrunchie at night to pineapple and preserve your curls!



Why an EMPTY water bottle? Weighs less, and most importantly you can’t have open liquids when travelling (girl, we got you through that security check). You can get water anywhere, so all you need is the empty bottle. Use it to restyle your curls without having to completely wet and re-do your hair. Time-saver! (Extra Tip: Mix in a little bit of conditioner to your water to add more moisture in your hair, especially if you're somewhere with lots of sun!)



Unless you have very long curls and no layering, pretty sure you have some curls that pop out and say “hey” here and there. Keep those random curls in check and keep your bun and up-do’s flawless.



If you always sleep with a satin scarf, then you know why this is so important to have with you. Personally I’m more of a satin pillowcase kind of gal, so sometimes I’ll even bring mine with me from home. Either way, you want to ensure that your curls are preserved at night time. No snags on the pillow, no squished curls. And bonus tip for using a satin scarf: you’ll get the shiniest, slick ponytail when using some gel and tieing it down with the scarf.

CurlShoppe Blog - Travelling With Curly Hair

I’m sure with these 5 curly girl-approved accessories in your travel bag, you’ll be set throughout your vacay and your curls will be well taken care of.

Natty and Row, Founders of CurlShoppe

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