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Article: Top 3 Curly Hair Products When Travelling

Top 3 Curly Hair Products When Travelling

Top 3 Curly Hair Products When Travelling

Must Have Curly Hair Products for Travelling

When going on a trip, whether a weekend quickie or a full-blown beach and hot weather getaway, curls are TOP priority.

We already discussed just how important it is to have the right accessories with you when travelling as a curly girl, but it's not enough. You need products too girl! 

So here’s the top 3 curly hair products you need for curly hair when travelling:


Any curly girl knows that Conditioner is the ONE product you can't live without. It is the product that runs out first, forever and always. Why? Because it's the holy-grail product that is the best multi-tasker. It softens your hair after shampooing. It can even replace your shampoo by co-washing. It detangles your knots away. It moisturizes your dry curls. What more can we say?

Tip: Put a little conditioner in an empty spray bottle with water as a light leave-in. (Read more tips here).


#2 - GEL

No matter how good water is for you, and how great it is at making your curls hydrated, it does NOTHING for making your curls STAY. Enter: Gel. Gel will hold you down, literally lol. Slick your hair back and slay those edges, or finger coil some of them bad boys and have an amazing washngo. Having a good gel with you won't steer you wrong. 



DIDN'T YOU KNOW THAT COCONUT OIL SAVES LIVES!? Other than a good conditioner, Coconut Oil is another amazing multi-tasker. It can take off your makeup at night. It can act as a deep conditioner (hot oil treatment) when your hair needs extra love. It can help split ends feel smoother. Trust us, Coconut Oil should be in your arsenal.


I’m sure with these curly girl-approved products in your travel bag, you’ll be set throughout your vacay and your curls will be well taken care of.

Natty and Row, Founders of CurlShoppe 

Ps. If you're in a pinch, grab one of our sample kits to take with you :) They are TSA-friendly = less than 100mL each item and already in a zip-top plastic pouch!

Wash Day = Everything you need to reset your curls //

Moisture = Hydrate and replenish dry curls //

Styler = Keep the curls poppin //



Shop this post.

 Why shop the Coconut Cream Conditioner? Didn't you read our post? Girl, you better get on that multi-tasker life saver ;)

Why shop the Coconut Water Refresher? This beauty screams "beautiful beach hair"! Have your curls refreshed and smelling amazing.



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